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with Online & In-Person Counseling


I’m so glad you're here!

Since you found me, it’s likely you are wanting to live a more satisfying life.

Many things can cause us to feel unfulfilled, frustrated or overwhelmed with life. You may be struggling with issues related to relationships, confidence, anxiety or major life changes. Or perhaps, there's an experience you are having difficulty moving past. Whatever the case may be, I specialize in helping people navigate life’s twists and turns.


Imagine feeling less burdened by life's circumstances, more resilient to challenges and having more gratifying relationships with your friends, children, partner or self. Imagine feeling comfortable being authentically you, believing in your abilities and being witness to your own personal growth. Together, through a collaborative process, we can make this a reality. I can support you on your journey toward a better relationship with yourself and others. Please call me. You can book your free 10 minute phone consultation below or learn more about me here.

Stones of Meaning

“We don't have to do it all alone.

We were never meant to.”

Brené Brown

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