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7 ways to de-stress after a long work week

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

1. Catch some live music. We are lucky to have so many options for live music in Austin and guess what? It's therapeutic!

2. Get your heart rate up. Get creative with this. It can be at the gym, at home or your local dance studio.

3. Get crafty. Browse pinterest for ideas!

4. The tried-and-true bubble bath. Light candles, play your favorite music, make it a fully sensory experience.

5. Take time to call a loved one. Connect and catch up with each other.

6. Laugh! This is such a great stress reliever. Watch a funny movie, some stand-up or something on YouTube that makes you giggle.

7. Get outdoors--weather permitting. Being around trees and water is known to have stress busting benefits.

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